Why I don't write about customer service

It was Shrove Tuesday 2010 and my Christian friend was mentally preparing for her Lent fast. Well, I say “mentally”, but I suppose having a nice lunch counts as physically preparing too. As we ordered dessert, we ended up having a silly debate about how much weight she would lose by going vegan and giving up sweet things. We decided to solve the argument the scientific way by weighing her before and after Lent, so we went to use the scales at Boots.

Webforms: always taking, never giving

In my post about the Travelodge website I got angry about a webform that wouldn’t let me press the Submit button. This post is about what can go wrong after you press Submit.

Today I needed to contact Nokia about a problem with the battery on my mobile phone. I didn’t fancy getting lost in an automatic phone system, so I decided to send an email to kick things off. So I clicked the link saying “Contact Nokia via email”.

Sliding doors

The women gathering in the hotel lobby were obviously going to a really good party. There were two cowgirls and several pirates plus a bee, a princess, Snow White and Tinkerbell. But even Alice in Wonderland couldn’t tear my attention away from the usability-themed drama unfolding outside.