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Google Drive has two different save functions: who knew?

It’s always nice to look at a document that’s just been proofread and see no changes marked. It’s a bit less nice to hear the proofreader say that they marked several changes, but for some reason you can’t see them.

Today I was trying out a new way of working with proofreaders: Google Drive. Normally I just use Libre Office Writer or PDF editing software, whether I’m hiring a proofreader or being hired as a proofreader myself. But this kind of collaborative working is what Drive was designed for, right?

Social media: making an impact at conferences

Do nursing and social media go together? Two years ago, the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) decided to find out by launching a social media presence and hiring me to run the Facebook and Twitter accounts. The initial 12-week trial was surprisingly successful; I was able to report back with solid evidence of growing engagement. So we continued. Last summer I ran a social media training workshop for the EONS Board, which resulted in several executive members developing their own Twitter presence for the first time.