Drug Squad at Truck 2008

July 2008

A friend of mine has a theory that ska bands are by definition fun. Drug Squad do nothing to prove him wrong, which is good news for everybody who's here to dance.

The other ska staples are in place too. Hats and sunglasses indoors? Check. Uptempo tunes sandwiches by good-natured banter? Check. The only out-of-place element is singer Al, who seems to have wandered out of a completely different genre. The mismatching shirt and tie say ska, but the Cookie Monster growl and the goatee scream heavy metal. Apparently he's only been in the band for about two and a half hours, so perhaps we're witnessing an incomplete transformation.

Although the songs are highly danceable, there's no standout track making a bid for classic status. But the band creates a party atmosphere that makes the live performance more than the sum of their tunes.