Demand in glove

Ski gloves getting a bit grubby? Need to give them a wash? No problem. Here are your instructions:

  • machine wash 30
  • wash separately
  • rinse thoroughly
  • do not allow to soak
  • do not use softener
  • do not use standard detergent
  • garment needs reproofing after washing to maintain its waterproof abilities
  • do not tumble dry
  • hang up whilst damp
  • do not dry on or near direct heat
  • do not dry in direct sunlight
  • do not iron
  • do not bleach
  • do not dry clean

I have so many questions about my husband’s “extreme ski gloves”.

How can you machine-wash them and also ensure that they are not allowed to soak, given that all the cycles on our washing machine involve the item sitting in water at some point?  (How do you define “soak” anyway? Is there a time limit beyond which “washing” becomes “soaking”?)

If you can’t use standard detergent, what can you use?

If you can’t use heat or sunlight to dry them, how the hell are they supposed to dry before they go stinky from being left damp?

Maybe the worst thing about these super-demanding diva gloves is that they’re 100% nylon and made in China. The consumer is required to put some thought and effort into caring for these gloves; there’s no evidence that this is matched by any thought or effort on the part of the manufacturer. We can pretty much guess that when these gloves were made, nobody thought about working conditions, environmental impact or any of the other externalities related to manufactured goods. But the consumer still has to put in the work, OK? Rinse thoroughly. Garment needs reproofing.