I’m a communications professional based in Sheffield. I moved here from Oxfordshire in autumn 2015.

What can I do for your organisation?

I write copy. I mainly write for the web these days but I have extensive print experience too.

I edit and proofread other people’s copy. (And if you’re having trouble getting started at all, I can ghostwrite it for you.)

I can run your organisation’s social media channels and/or deliver training on social media for your employees or Board.

If you’re moving your organisation’s website to a new CMS, I can do the web content uploading and editing.

I also do the occasional piece of genuine journalism.

Which Kate Griffin am I?

I'm the one who blogs about usability, social media, environmental issues and how businesses relate to human beings. I blog here and also occasionally on The Restless Consumer and other blogs.

I'm the one who wrote the book Faces of Courage and Hope: 16 Inspiring Stories of People Living with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.

I'm the one who wrote a survival guide for low-plastic living in Oxfordshire after attempting Plastic-Free July in 2013, was interviewed by the Witney Gazette about cutting down on single-use plastic and has given various talks on low-plastic living.

I'm the one who was involved for many years with Sustainable Witney, volunteering with the thermal imaging project, co-running the blog and social media accounts, helping to run swapshops and so on.

I'm the one who used to be chair of the Oxford & District branch of the NUJ. (I created the branch website.)

I'm also the one who was communications officer of Global Justice Oxford for four years and chair of the group for one year.

I'm not the one who writes novels or the other one who writes novels.